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jupeter 12th August 2013 09:26 PM

Can anyone recommend an abogado who is in the Maella area and deals with property/land purchases, we want to find our own so hopefully they will have our interests at heart. Thanks in advance PS they must be registered not some back street set up
Thanks in advance for any help

Yettiman 14th August 2013 10:56 AM


My Wife and I are coming over soon, to look around, we are thinking of buying in the area, would love to meet up and chat over a bottle of wine, if you are free


Yettiman 14th August 2013 10:59 AM

Sorry, I meant to say, this is an open invite to whomever is free, We will have a car so should be able to find a way to meet up.


skiprat 25th August 2013 03:52 PM

maella newbie
hi everyone newbie here just like to say what a great and informative site you have only joined yesterday and have learnt more about maella aragon on here than the 5 years we have owned our finca .

skiprat 29th August 2013 10:52 AM

hi all did you manage to find parking for 4x4 near reus airport we looked in june without much success even tried the caravan storage places around salou area cheers

skiprat 31st August 2013 10:04 AM

hi roble we have a finca 12 klm out of mealla we are over on 22 sept and have an army sankey trailer for bringing water from town does this trailer have to be mot even though it wont be going on the main roads just the track from finca to water supply at mealla. thanks

skiprat 2nd September 2013 10:46 AM

hi roble thats good news it will only be carrying water ibcs from mealla if i can get a tipper ram fitted underneath it may be nipping into ramons builders yard to collect stone chipping .we are quiet far from the village so hoping can get away with 1000 ltrs water a week plus the 6000 ltrs underneath the finca rain willing cheers

nogard 3rd September 2013 07:45 AM


Originally Posted by roble (Post 1547025)
My advice to anyone whose seriously thinking of buying here do not use estate agents that do not live in Maella. There are two women that have been selling here for many years that do not live in Maella and they are responsible for destroying a lot of peoples dreams, they have threatened other estate agents, their builder has been sued twice, they recommend architects who take yr money and do not deliver and being registered does not mean anything here in Spain.

Hi. Do the woman who run Finca Casa Aragon, live in Maella?;)

skiprat 3rd September 2013 08:47 AM

hi nogard no 1 lives in corbera i dont know about the over 1 its 5 years or more since we bought a finca with them

nogard 3rd September 2013 01:34 PM


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