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TonyTones 7th November 2019 07:39 PM

Trp rejection
My last TRP has been rejected, due to my Radiology Letter not having the practitioners practice number on it. The letter was signed and stamped with their official stamp with Address and telephone numbers etc. I have used the same Radiologists for 4 previous visas which were all succesful, has anyone else had this issue. I will be appealing but now my passport has less than 6 months validity so they are saying the appeal will be rejected because of this. Obviously at the time of renewal my passort had more than 6 months left. Any advice. The immigration official at Polokwane said to just attach the proof of passport renewal receipt to the appeal. He also said the visa should not have been rejected but there is nothing thwy can do about it. Apparently there is one guy who causes all this trouble, and they know about it, but do nothing.

jollem 8th November 2019 08:39 AM


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