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kaz101 11th January 2008 08:46 PM

Cost of living figures
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UPDATE 21st Nov 2010 (for Limestone Coast)
Zipped spreadsheet added as a summary of the posts below.
To use spreadsheet look along the tabs at the bottom to find similar area and then click on that tab to find costs that members have entered

Hi everyone,

For those of you already in Australia do you want to share you basic cost of living figures?

Say the State you are in, area if you want to, and the number of people...

South Australia, South East (Mount Gambier), 2 adults - per month:

Food - A$550
Electricity - A$70
Gas - A$65
Water - $62 (if renting this may be paid by the landlord)


madmum 13th January 2008 02:42 PM

Cost Of Living
Hi, i take it these figures are monthly? Or ive got a big problem! And just one more thing is this for just two people? Thanks

madmum 13th January 2008 02:44 PM

ignore what ive just said im such an idiot on times ive just re read your post and realised that you have alread answered my questions sorry

kaz101 14th January 2008 10:47 PM

Hi everyone,

Here is the breakdown of costs on a shopping list.
This supermarket is Coles (one of the popular ones) and in South East South Australia (not sure if prices will be different across states). We've found that we can only get some foods when they are in season but that may be because we are not in a major city.

Broccoli $6.98 / kg
Cauliflower $3.68 each
Avocado $1.79 each
Bread rolls $1.29 (6 pack)
Milk $2.59 (2 litres)
Bacon $4.29 (250gm)
Kanga banga $3.04 (per kg) Yes Kangaroo sausages!
Potatoes (Baby) $3.48 for 2kg
Diced Beef $10.46 (per kg)
Mixed Juice (3 litres) $4.19
Tea bags (100) $2.39
Ham sliced (100gm) $2.59
Pizza (500gm family size) $5.56
Toilet cleaner (500 ml) $2.79
Iceberg lettuce $1.22 each
Bananas $2.98 per kg
Butter (500g) $2.37
Choc ices (10) $4.69
Nutrigrain cereal (805gm) $5.99
Palmolive washing up liquid (375 ml ) $2.49
Ice cream (2 litre) $4.98
Sausage (Lamb & leek) (500gms) $4.99
Lamb leg roast $9.16 per kg
Toilet tissue (9 pack) $4.99
Brussel sprouts $8.98 per kg
Cordial (2 litre) $4.27
Strawberry jam (500 gm) $3.14
Cadbury chocolate (250gm) $3.49
Chicken (whole) $7.98 per kg
Greencare laundry washing liquid (2 litre) $4.50
Hellmans mayonnaise (400 gm) $5.34 (about twice the price of other brands)
Sanitarium weet-bix (1 kg) $5.27
Condensed milk (395 gms) $2.29
Sugar (1 kg) $1.32

I ought to point out that this is from various shopping lists :)


kaz101 14th January 2008 11:03 PM

Petrol prices
The price of petrol has been going up since we're been here (July 2007) and we've found that some petrol stations seem to put up their prices on a Thursday or Monday and then lower them again but that may be because we're in a more rural area.

Some supermarkets offer you 4c off a litre if you spend a certain amount. If you are using this you must make sure that you go the petrol station that honours that offer since certain stations are with certain supermarkets.

I have a 2 litre car and it costs about $58 to fill it up with unleaded.

The last time I checked it was about $1.39 locally for unleaded with diesel being more expensive at about $1.53 a litre. (Locally meaning Mount Gambier in South East South Australia).

We don't use the car as much here so it's not so much of an issue for us.


dad2girls 29th January 2008 07:08 PM

Hi Karen

Keep it coming!!! this is the sort of thing ive been looking for, someone who will give us a break down of things.

Byo 11th February 2008 05:24 AM

Fuel fluctuations are the same in Sydney. Best not to fill up at the weekends.
For people with kids we have two, our grocery bill is $1000 a month. Also people coming on a 457 are supposed to have private medical insurance, cost around $200 for a family a month. Depending on your cover.

leoman20 15th February 2008 04:45 AM

fuel always is cheaper on tuesdays often 5-15cents per litre over last several years and even though noted by the media it still persists!
use buses or trains much cheaper and faster (but less comfortable )than your car if they are going your way-buses/taxis have a special lane in most capital cities.traffic jams a problem in larger cities .
Taxis are very expensive though-$50 to go 15km in city.train/bus is $3-$5 for same journey.parking in city typically $40-60 per day.
outside cities not much bus or train ,also less regular service so use a small engine car.roads are good for most part except for small stretches between sydney and brisbane.

canberra has best roads/cheaper parking as federal govt used to pay for it all and less people to compete with.but cold in winter as on an inland plateau and near snowy mountains.also most recreational parks per resident of all oz cities. good cultural things parliament house national gallery,museums,universities,lower land and house prices than sydney and melbourne although rising now.
man made lake with scenic 17km cycle track around it .
3 hours to beach (by a winding road) and 6 hours to sydney by car on a great expressway.
house prices in sydney and rents are high unless you are further out in suburbs (20km out).smaller country towns cheap housing and land
but less facilities.
government schools underresourced but catholic church schools are cheap but better quality even if u r not catholic.
private schools very expensive and you may not get what u pay for-ripoff in my opinion.typically $25000 per student per year in last 4-6 years of schooling
universities and colleges are good in main and govt gives you a low interest loan for fees which u dont have to pay off until you have job after graduation.
restaurants in cbd are expensive because labour is expensive and because sydney is also a tourist town esp for europeans japanese and americans.
best to buy food at supermarkets.meat -beef cicken pork is world wise very cheap.veges cheap snap frozen is like buying fresh and is only $2-4/kg-peas carrots beans corn kernels broccoli cabbage.
fruit is cheap if in season (ALL IN $)
bananas 2-3/kg apples 3-6/kg peaches 5/kg oranges 3-4/kg
plums 4-6/kg
blueberries $5/punnet strawberries 2-4/pun
raspberries 7/pun
grapes red or green 4-6/kg
cheeses 10-12/kg most varieties made locally or new zealand
phone lines $20-30/month calls15c-20c each local plus caps on trunk calls typically 2.50 per 20 minutes
overseas better to use phone card or internet skype,messenger etc
mobile prepaid expensive (50c-$1 /minute plus 25c connect) except for virgin brand (10c per minute plus 25c connect) .
capped post paid plans cheaper but 12-24month contract.
clothes rel inexpensive apart from designer stuff as tariffs now zero on imports
medical is cheaper than most western countries as part govt subsidised if u r classed as resident and nottoo high if u r not.
general gp is $40-50 but if in medicare u get 10-20$ refund.if doctor agrees to bulk bill then if u r on medicare it is FREE.
dental is rel expensive esp orthodontic work 5000-10000 for full treatment
and there is no govt scheme.
health insurance is available $1000-3000 per person per year depending on level of cover( operations only or medical and surgical dental etc)
but insurance does not cover 100%of fee so may not be much saving from insurance.some plans have attached clinics where services are cheaper esp dental.
climate is good on eastern and western seaboard so air con not greatly needed except for few weeks in summer and winter although offices tend to be air con all year round.
you can drink the water from the tap athough a lot of people over last 5-10 years have been buying water.only tap water is flouridated (in most places) good for your teeth.
buying water in most countries incl australia is more expensive than buying petrol.u dont need to buy water.
I was born in oz.

QSfamily 19th February 2008 07:30 PM

Is there any sort of tax on properties such as council tax in the UK?

kaz101 19th February 2008 08:39 PM


Originally Posted by QSfamily (Post 15014)
Is there any sort of tax on properties such as council tax in the UK?

Yes there are rates to pay (sorry I missed that one).

I have no idea how much these will vary but for our house in Mount Gambier, South Australia they assessed the capital value at A$245,000 and our rates are A$892.81 per year (A$245,000 x 0.001869 plus a state charge of $400 and a state gov levy of $34.90). We pay our rates quarterly here but I think that can differ too.

If you have a search on google.com.au for council rates and the state you are going to you may be able to find info for the area you are moving to.


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