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AlanMexicali 21st August 2018 06:31 PM

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Originally Posted by lagoloo (Post 14625334)
A dubious source and a slanted report........as usual. Ho hum.


The Washington Free Beacon gets an extreme right bias grade. The video to the link was in fact a bunch of guests saying what Zorro quoted on a MSNBC chat program with concerns the followers of Trump and the current situation with the economy still the same as today would vote him in again in 2020 if he was still in office and it would be much better to get him out of office before that. They also were chatting about how the right wing fake news and exagerations of how well everything they do from the right wing media and Trump influences his followers. They are not concerned with facts. They are concerned only that the economy keeps as strong as it is.

My take is everything they already have done and what they do from now on will be known by election time in 2020, if he is still in office, and will automatically get him thrown out because of the latest recession to come and high unemployment, monster deficit, bad relationships with many countries and the UN and NATO and fake news from the far right being exposed everywhere non stop, etc. In other words the jig is going to be up for radical right wingers in the USA. American voters will be showing them the door. It will also happen on Nov. 6th. this year to some degree at the voting polls. The wheels are turning. IMO

AlanMexicali 21st August 2018 10:19 PM


"The question that now must vex Trump is whether Manafort will “flip,” and hence if Trump should pardon him before he gets a chance. There are many reasons why pardoning Manafort would be a disaster. For one thing, he could still be subpoenaed to testify and be subject to perjury charges if he lies under oath. (You cannot pardon someone prospectively.) Once pardoned, Manafort would lose the Fifth Amendment right to refuse to testify on the grounds it would incriminate him. Moreover, a Manafort pardon would cement in the minds of many Americans — including the prosecutors — that Trump is bent on covering up something relating to Russia. If Trump tried to do this before the midterms, a firestorm would ensue, putting at risk many more congressional Republican (who have never stood up to the president).

This doesn’t mean Trump won’t pardon Manafort. He does many things that are self-destructive. It does mean, however, that his own legal peril deepens. Well, at least he doesn’t have to worry about his lawyer Michael Cohen flipping. Oh, wait. Cohen is pleading guilty to eight counts, including two relating to campaign finance violations. Yup, today is Trump’s worst day ever."

The wheels are turning.

perropedorro 22nd August 2018 01:12 AM


Originally Posted by AlanMexicali (Post 14625626)
. Yup, today is Trump’s worst day ever......

So far. Methinks this show's just getting started.

Stevenjb 22nd August 2018 06:06 AM


Originally Posted by perropedorro (Post 14625710)
So far. Methinks this show's just getting started.

Fellini would be proud!

AlanMexicali 22nd August 2018 09:33 AM

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Originally Posted by Zorro2017 (Post 14625312)

Because you constantly use CNN and the other lamestream media as a reference of the truth when in fact they are programming you.

Today alone CNN led with ten anti Trump stories, not news.

But here is an eye opener from, as you like to say, "those of your ilk" follow.


I watched Trump's West Virginia rally last night. Here is an eye opener for you.
His false claims were about every few minutes for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Truly a disgusting con man and the packed house loved his BS. They are so uninformed and disinformed from only watching and trusting right wing news sources and Trump that I bet no one there knew that they were being conned. Obviously by their cheers they are being programmed and programming you unfortunantly.

Mr. Trump made a number of other false or misleading claims that The New York Times has previously debunked:

He falsely claimed that United States Steel is opening “seven different plants.” (The company has not announced the opening of a single plant.)

He misleadingly claimed that construction on his border wall “is moving along very nicely.” (Construction has not begun.)

He claimed that the number of jobs added in the 20 months since his election was unbelievable. (More jobs were added in the previous 20 months.)

He claimed that Mr. Obama had paid $1.8 billion to free hostages from Iran. (The payment was a settlement of a decades-long dispute.)

He falsely claimed that NATO members were “delinquent” in payments to the alliance. (Members do not owe NATO or the United States money.)

He falsely claimed to have signed the “biggest” tax cuts in history. (Several rank higher.)

He falsely claimed terminally ill patients “couldn’t get the drugs” before the enactment of a new law. (Patients could seek access to experimental medicines through an existing federal program.)

He falsely claimed to have signed “a record $700 billion for the military.” (The Pentagon received more money in several years under Mr. Obama.)

“I want clean air. I want crystal clean water. And we’ve got it. We’ve got the cleanest country in the planet right now. There’s nobody cleaner than us.”
The United States ranked 27th out of 180 countries in an environmental performance review, compiled by Yale and Columbia University researchers in collaboration with the World Economic Forum in 2018. (Switzerland topped the list.)"

AlanMexicali 22nd August 2018 10:08 AM

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Originally Posted by perropedorro (Post 14625710)

Originally Posted by AlanMexicali (Post 14625626)
. Yup, today is Trump’s worst day ever......

So far. Methinks this show's just getting started.

It has come down to this: The truth is taking a back seat to the propaganda spewed from the mouths of Republican far right wingers and some of their supporters for financial gain at the expense of keeping America a nice place to live and enjoy some of the benefits we used to take for granted which made it a great place to live and be proud of. IMO

lagoloo 22nd August 2018 12:25 PM

KARMA is up, in uniform and at work. The roost is full of returned chickens. We can now lay bets on "how long" rather than "whether".

Isla Verde 22nd August 2018 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by lagoloo (Post 14626472)
KARMA is up, in uniform and at work. The roost is full of returned chickens. We can now lay bets on "how long" rather than "whether".


himsrj 22nd August 2018 02:38 PM


Originally Posted by Isla Verde (Post 14626636)

[IMG class=inlineimg]https://www.expatforum.com/expats/images/smilies/fingerscrossed.gif[/IMG][IMG class=inlineimg]https://www.expatforum.com/expats/images/smilies/fingerscrossed.gif[/IMG][IMG class=inlineimg]https://www.expatforum.com/expats/images/smilies/fingerscrossed.gif[/IMG]

ROFL for this

Zorro2017 22nd August 2018 05:47 PM

Alan, you are truly suffering from the worse case of Trump Derangement Syndrome that I have ever seen. You constantly attack the source rather than the substance and use Snopes, of all sources as a reference when they have been widely debunked and known as a liberal cesspool.

So far, the left's platform is, raise people's taxes, which is going over like a lead balloon.

Abolishing ICE which any sane person knows is just ridiculous.

Raving madly about "Children being ripped from their mother's arms" at the border, while ignoring the fact that anytime a crime is committed with children present, (yes, illegally entering a country is a crime) that the children can't be incarcerated with adults so they are held in a different facility. The same as robbing a store with your children in the cars, thy can't take the kids to jail so they go to Child Protective Services. The press widely circulated oictures of children in cages but quickly yanked them down when they were discovered to be from 2016 under Obama's administration.

The difference is that Trump takes a hard line with our foreign adversaries and rivals. It is the direct opposite of the Obama approach. Pushes and challenge, that's Trump, very different from retreat and apologize as Obama did. Mexico watched, sheltered, cheered on and fed the caravan all of the way from the southern border of Mexico to the United States so Trump reacted and his voter base loves it.

The left has no message, no plan and no platform that anyone but the lunatic fringe will support. Raise taxes, open borders and going back to killing jobs with more regulations, all of which most of the country rejects.

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