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wandabug 6th March 2012 07:45 AM


Originally Posted by indoMLA (Post 731240)
I don't see anywhere where this is covered (if it is, I am sorry)... but is there a law that states the max/min an owner can charge for security deposit? I was under the impression that the norm is 5% of the annual list price - this is of course for renters. Let me know. Thanks.

The norm is 5% but it is up to the Landlord.

waterproof teabag 6th March 2012 08:13 AM


Originally Posted by wandabug (Post 732188)
Or get Explorer Street Map-it names all the towers.

sigh. Wished I knew that then! ;)

othygooner 6th March 2012 10:40 AM

Thanks Guys for your replies.

Are you sure about the 2 bed at JLT for 50k? can u provide any tip on where to find that?

Would love to live in Tecom but can't find anything cheaper than 65k for a 2 bed, do you may be know an estate agent who can help with that?

Thanks Waterproof for the link, pretty helpful, I've saved it.


jitla7 7th March 2012 02:09 PM

is media city close to Dubai Marina? i guess then it would be better to look for apartment, in this area

riekie 8th March 2012 03:10 PM

advice for anyone about to rent, please make sure that the agent/landlord who is renting the apartment to you actually has the rights to do so before handing over money !! I have learned the hard way.. grrrr

Desertrose70 10th March 2012 09:17 AM

I am have been viewing several 4m type townhouses in the springs, but all of them in such a terrible state and completely filthy. The agent is saying it will be painted and cleaned before moving in, but can I rely on this? Any advice on how to find a 4M in a clean and neat state fit for renting?

wandabug 10th March 2012 11:57 AM


Originally Posted by Desertrose70 (Post 735384)
I am have been viewing several 4m type townhouses in the springs, but all of them in such a terrible state and completely filthy. The agent is saying it will be painted and cleaned before moving in, but can I rely on this? Any advice on how to find a 4M in a clean and neat state fit for renting?

Landlords generally wait until they have a tenant before cleaning and repainting. The thinking behind it is they don't want to clean it and then have multiple agents/prospective tenants walking through it and having to do it again. Most times it will be done. If you are worried tell the agent you will pay the deposit but will give the rent chqs when you are happy it has been decorated. It can be cleaned/decorated in 2 days.:clap2:

Lili_AL 11th March 2012 07:10 AM

Hi, I am a bit confused with housing bill, DEWA, water/electricity, chiller... Could please someone help?

I've read about 5% DEWA housing bill. Is it the same as water and electricity? Why is it fixed then? It is not based on real consumption?

CHILLER - I was told that in JBR appartment I am potentially interested in chiller is not free. Is that true? Is Chiller then paid totally separately or it is part of DEWA bill?

The agent that showed me apartment was totally unable to explain all this :(


wandabug 11th March 2012 07:16 AM

Have answered your questions on your other post. Housing Fee is a tax - nothing to do with consumption. It is 5% of your annual rent paid in addition to your electricity and water consumption.

shedxb 11th March 2012 04:59 PM

We are just about to move out of Dubai Marina and have enjoyed 3 years here.

Our apartment is 125k and has free A/C and 2 car parking spots in underground car park.
Also, major point,, we pay Monthly! yes 12 cheques a year!
The landlord agreed to it in 2009 but I'm not sure he would want to do it again.

We've watched the development coming to life since 2009 and every single visitor loves the location, the view and the HuGe balcony.
The 'Walk' is half a minute walk away and there is always something going on up there, but where we are,, right on the end,, the last building called Dorra Bay,, has the best of both worlds.
We can sit and watch the yachts go by, or the rowers, kayakers, crazy joggers!, jetskiers, dogwalkers and pushchair pushing strollers.. And then, on the other side of the building is the vibrancy of The Walk.
I can watch TV and see a bit of the sea and all of the waterway at the same time or just watch the marina waterway, all from the lounge and both bedrooms.

Why are we moving!?!?

I want a garden! and after 3 years we want a 'home' like a 'house'.
Some of you will know what I mean :O)
So we are moving into a villa.

The negative decider for us though was the traffic at peak times when my husband comes home from Abu Dhabi. Sometimes the traffic jam under the bridge adds 10 minutes sitting time on to his journey. The RTA could solve this problem by simply leaving the lights on green for 10/15 seconds longer at these hours..... but that would be too simple, I think!

Dorra Bay is not the most opulent tower I've seen at this end,, but it is by far the best location both for view and for the sun. In the Winter the sun is facing our balcony all day long and in the Summer when it moves up we are in shade on the balcony,, which is Perfect.
I know that some other towers are cheaper as well. There are apartments in Opal Tower that are very impressive with a fantastic view and easy access off the SZR,, but,,, they hardly ever (if at all) get sun on the front ones facing the marina because it has it's back to the sun,, whereas we are facing the sun.. However, the tower itself is very very nice. (Only 1 car spot though).

I would not say that Cayan are the best developers from personal experience,, but this building has just had a new Facilities Management Team, and things are getting done quicker. So maybe Cayan were not to blame for the last FMteam's inefficiency on certain points.

I think one of the best things about living in Dubai Marina is that your guests can go 'somewhere' for a stroll and not need you to tag along every single time. You know what it's like ,, 5 days to do - everything you can do in Dubai - that you've done a dozen times :o)

Am I still typing! :D

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