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Shotokan101 17th May 2019 06:18 PM

Why Do You Need Medical Insurance To Take Residence ?
Just wondering as I've seen several sources saying that if you wish to retire to Cyprus before reaching state pension age you need to take out Private Medical Insurance

Reading this document about EU Reciprocal Healthcare Entitlement doesn't quite seem to agree with that though so what am I missing ?




David_&_Letitia 17th May 2019 08:22 PM

When applying for residency (MEU1) you will need to satisfy Immigration that you will not become a burden on the Health System or the State. If you are working or self-employed, then you will have to pay into the social welfare system here and are therefore covered for medical expenses. If you are retired and living on a UK State Pension, you will be entitled to the S1 (issued by the UK) and will receive ‘free’ healthcare here (ie free to use, but bills paid for by UK). Of course, as long as the UK is a member of the EU, all EU citizens are entitled to free emergency care and the same level of ongoing medical care as Cypriots at the same cost. However, even Cypriots have to pay for healthcare, dependent on their income. The system is in the process of change to something called GESY, which you can Google for more information.

For us, unfortunately, as we are retired but not yet entitled to a UK State Pension, we therefore have to have private medical insurance which isn’t cheap. We pay €3,600 annually between us, although cheaper ‘Immigration compliant’ policies are available.

Shotokan101 17th May 2019 09:31 PM

Thanks - the problem was that original link didn't seem to mention the emergenct or temporary constraint but some further research found this


Which (unfortunately) does ;)

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