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ozdream81 26th October 2018 12:53 AM

Birth certificate parents name

I need to submit my birth certificate as per standard application process. My birth certificate has my full name. However, when I read my parents name former document refers their first names only.

I queried the respective government department in my country for the discrepancy. The official said the name appearing on the certificate is as per registrar records. If I wish that my parents family name (or last name) to appear on the certificate then I would need to fill-up a birth registration correction form. Personally, I do not have problem in filling-up the correction form however, I anticipate the process may take a longer than anticipated to get a corrected birth certificate.

My question is - can I submit application with my existing birth certificate i.e. a certificate with my fullname and my parents firstname only. Or should I submit application with a birth certificate which clearly mention my and my parents name i.e. full names.


escapedtonz 26th October 2018 07:55 AM

You must provide whatever the minimum requirement is that Immigration will accept. To find this out you need to research the INZ website, maybe even research Immigrations Operations Manual or failing that give them a call and ask.
You can of course just use the document, however you risk them not accepting it and it delaying your process.

ozdream81 26th October 2018 04:10 PM

Thanks !

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