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ManishDhariwal 16th June 2019 09:15 AM

Confusion due to visa approval delay
As per the current situation, visa approval is way too much slower (At least in Asia region). Reason is provided that delay is due to process restructuring. We're about to pay fees for student visa that is, we're going to apply for student/spouse visa and admission in few days. I have following questions

1) Do institutions refund fees in case visa is not approved before the program start date? e.g. I recently came across a person who has got admission in one of the institute in Auckland. After almost 1.5 months, his course start date is in July first week and he has not received anything from Immigration yet. What happens in such cases? Reason for asking this question is, as per the agreement with most of the institutions, once the course has started, no fees are refunded.

2) What is the 'common' scenario when student and spouse visa are applied together? I'm mentioning 'common' because i want to know what happens in most of the cases. Assume that all the documents are complete as per the requirement by INZ.

escapedtonz 20th June 2019 03:23 AM

1. Unlikely.
Immigration visas are of no concern to the educational establishment. It is your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient time to gain an approved visa that will allow you to take up the course. It is also your responsibility to ensure you take sufficient consideration of extended immigration workloads and visa processing delays.

2. They will be processed together and may assist in the processing taking less time.

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