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lyingit 21st July 2011 10:50 AM

wondering about NFL games

first off, this is my first post, I'm from Chicago, married my English wife near 10 years ago, and after 11 years of her being in Chicagoland, we just recently made the move back to her home area...which is Bassingbourn.

Now, Bassingbourn is a lovely place, but the internet here is just awful, so my plan of paying for the Sunday Ticket internet plan has gone out the window because I don't think I'll get the streams to connect at a decent quality.

I don't want to pay for Sky Sports (and Sky T.V.) as my family rarely watches T.V., and along with no guarantee that the Bears would be shown every week, I don't want to pay out all that money for essentially 19 games a year.

Cable isn't an option, as there is no cable out here, we have the freeview thing, but I don't think I can get ESPN on that, and again, no guarantee that I'd see the Bears every week either.

So I'm hoping maybe there is a pub/bar in Cambridge (Royston would be better, but highly unlikely) that shows NFL games every Sunday, any suggestions?

MyDearBoy 23rd July 2011 12:45 AM


is your friend

if a live game is broadcasted in usa u will find it enjoy :)

lyingit 23rd July 2011 05:45 AM

yeah I know about those, but if the internet would be consistently quality I'd just get the directv package, better quality than atdhe and myp2p

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