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jpm 31st July 2008 01:21 AM

Salary Package (basic salary & allowance)
Hi again Folks!

I had post a thread yesterday and I am so happy for the response of our friends out there.

By the way I post a new thread for me to give an idea if the company in UK - Leicester (Engineering Company) will provide a monthly allowance for the rentals, utilities, food, etc. I know that this is not appropriate to ask this question because there's a lot of engineering company in UK with different salary package. My final interview will be on the mid of August and I think we will be talking about the salary, benefits and packages (monthly allowance if there's any).

So please give me an idea if it's right to ask for a monthly allowance (exception to my monthly salary w/c is 2000 pounds).

Thanks in Advance!


marcusb 6th October 2008 11:11 AM

Its unusual to get a monthly allowance in UK for accomodation. You might get a relocation allowance to cover the moving expenses and initial setup costs. Lots of people get a car allowance or transportation allowance (subsidised yearly travel card, etc).
Probably the employer would prefer to pay more base salary than give extra allowance.

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