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Pallykin 11th October 2019 11:44 PM

UPS let us down
I was hoping to be able to post that my Marriage Visitor Visa had arrive in NY this morning, however, they package was refused and the thinking is that it was damaged in transit. I've spent a fair bit of time on the phone with UPS customer service, which appears to be based in the Philippines, and even with escalating to supervisors, I'm having little luck. I have also turned to Twitter... I just hope that they didn't lose my passports... I had included my current passport (replaceable), and two passports from my youth which have UK visas in them (not replaceable). :rant:

On a positive note, I was able to get my biometrics done nearly a week early. Now if UPS could only send my package back to me so I could see if there's hope. Any strategies for getting an extension on the 5 days required to submit the documents after biometrics?

I do have a question about the requirement to ship via air. UPS has a truck that travels from Boston to New York every night with all the next day 'air 'packages on it. Shipping via ground arrives the next day too. But the cost is 2-4 times as much. Does someone living across the street from the UKVI Scanning Hub need to ship air?

Pallykin 15th October 2019 04:05 PM

The application was delivered this morning to the mailroom. It was a long, anxious weekend. Now we wait to learn if the complete application with passports was delivered. Or something less...

clever-octopus 16th October 2019 09:46 AM

You should not opt for any services which are stated specifically as 'ground'. But it sounds like you got it sorted. Hopefully it's good news from here

Pallykin 16th October 2019 11:53 AM

Thanks Clever Octopus. Any idea as to the rationale for this policy?

Iím ironically hoping to NOT hear anything for several days as a quick turnaround would suggest a refusal and that the passports were lost.

It is apparently not UPS policy to have repeated delivery attempts, so I wonder about that. The package was delivered to the mailroom, and not directly to VFS, so it would have been a mailroom worker who refused the package. Fingers crossed the UPS driver knows what he/she was doing with this, and was making things right. I can only hope.

I notice the processing times havenít been updated since May, so they might not be valid. I wonder what percentage of short term visas processed at the New York Hub are priority? I would imagine higher than average as quite a few would be paid for by businesses for their employees and the money is small in the scheme of things. I know my company flies everyone business class to Europe, and tickets can cost as much as $10K each.

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