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r0cks 12th July 2019 04:45 PM

SET(M) Success
Hi Everyone,

My wife got ILR approved today!! This forum was very helpful for our journey and Thanks very much for everyone who helped us.

Our appointment was at Croydon at 08:00 today. It only took 15 minutes for the biometrics and to submit (we already scanned and uploaded the docs). At round 11:50am we received an email saying ILR was granted :)

The below are the documents list we have uploaded if it helps anyone..

1) Appointment Confirmation
2) Application Payment Confirmation
3) Passport Sponsor, Passport Applicant
4) Declaration Signed by partner
5) BRP
6) Life in the UK
7) Trinity College Grade 5 B1 Pass
8) Marriage Certificate and Translation

9) Employment Confirmation Letter
10) P60
11) 6 Months Payslips
12) 6 Months of Bank Statements

13) Accommodation - Tenancy Agreement, Council Tax Bills

14) 6 letters and/or other documents addressed to applicant and sponsor during the last 2.5 years

Evidence of any other reasons
15) Birth Certificate - Daughter & Son
16) Passport - Daughter & Son
17) NHS letters to Daughter & Son

I'm happy to help if anyone need any information :)

Whatshouldwedo 12th July 2019 05:27 PM


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