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travel360 14th June 2019 01:21 PM

How to obtain UK working rights?
Hello. I am a US citizen, and I've been interested in moving to the UK. I saw a job posting in London that exactly matches my experience, and I really want to apply. The advert states that you must have an unlimited right to work in the UK. My line of work doesn't qualify for visa sponsorship unfortunately. I don't have any family ties to the UK as well. Any ideas on how to overcome this hurdle? I'm surprised the US doesn't have any immigration partnerships with the UK. We do share a common language and some cultural similarities.

clever-octopus 14th June 2019 03:01 PM

It's not just a hurdle, it's a complete barrier. You can't get a work visa unless you have a job that's sponsorable (RQF level 6 if it's not in shortage, RQF level 4 if it is in national shortage). A job which requires the unlimited right to live in the UK (i.e., permanent residence) is not something you are eligible for.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'immigration partnerships'... There is really no such thing, do you mean a working holiday visa agreement? The UK only has a WHV agreement with a few countries (mostly in the Commonwealth).

You could look at transferring to a UK branch with a US job, but there are steep requirements for those jobs as well, and they cannot lead to settlement. Intracompany transfer visas are finite.

What is your line of work, if I may ask?

travel360 14th June 2019 06:46 PM

I operate trains for a living. The advert was for a Eurostar Train Driver.

Crawford 14th June 2019 07:02 PM


Originally Posted by travel360 (Post 14889778)
I operate trains for a living. The advert was for a Eurostar Train Driver.

For an American to work in the UK, legally, one must obtain a Tier 2 work visa.

For this you need a sponsoring employer. The employer must expend time and money to obtain such a visa, and therefore there is a very specific list of jobs which are eligible for this visa. The majority are professional roles in finance, IT, management, engineering etc.

Obviously, Eurostar are not offering sponsorship for this job, and indeed, they have a wealth of Brits and Europeans to fulfill this post.

clever-octopus 15th June 2019 05:02 PM

Yes, train drivers are one of the most competitive jobs in the UK... There are hundreds of applications for every open position, realistically you have no chance

travel360 18th June 2019 07:29 PM

Yes, Train Driver jobs are highly sought after. I've heard of people applying multiple times before getting selected to even interview. Hmmmm. I guess I'll have to either just stay in the US, or change careers to an in demand field in the UK.

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