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acechopra 13th July 2013 04:38 AM

489 visa applicants pool
I was looking for applicants forum dedicated to 489 visa subclass, where one can look for help or guidance and query there doubt's so I would like to welcome all who have applied already or are going to apply in near future, but couldn't find any forum. so I request all concerned subclass applicants to share there experiences and success stories which will surely be helpful for others.
So post your details for applications like status of application, when did you applied, points score and all general details.
Would love to see your helping posts


acechopra 13th July 2013 04:47 AM

I will start with my details and query
Visa subclass 489
Points scored 60
Eoi submitted 12/02/2013
Occupation field: system/business analyst
Status: waiting for application to be considered

I would like to ask if any one have got selected for making an application in last round with 60 points and what do you think about next round. will there be a chance of receiving invites for applicants who made their applications in February.

Any shared information will be much appreciated.

ajaymannat 13th July 2013 05:36 AM

Yaa it will really helpful
As i am in vetassess stage
What will be next i am not aware of it
So hope it will help me too

ANZSCO:- 312111, architectural draftsperson
ielts :- overall 6.5
s:-7 , li :-6.5 , r :-6 , wr:-6
vetassess docs submitted :- 30-may-2013
result awaited

sounddonor 29th August 2013 10:16 AM

Have you seen this


shishir 29th August 2013 11:39 AM

well, I was really looking for a thread like this. hope all the 489 applicants will share there experience here..... :fingerscrossed:

sounddonor 29th August 2013 11:42 AM

ok guys i ll start with a problem


Beee 29th August 2013 12:15 PM

Spouse is Civil Engineer
Points 65
Applied for 489 (Family Sponsored):16/3
Medicals: 2/5
2nd Baby born:14/5
my x-ray: 17/5
Baby's Meds: 25/7
Pakistan PCC :27/7
Ireland PCC 28/3
My meds Cleared: 7/8
Got mail from CO that application is on hold as there are no places left: 28/8
Grant: God Knows!

jayptl 8th September 2013 06:30 AM

I applied NSW regional 489 skill state 60 points 50+10 , but more than 2 months no response....

shishir 8th September 2013 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by jayptl (Post 1654578)
I applied NSW regional 489 skill state 60 points 50+10 , but more than 2 months no response....

Are you waiting for the response of DIAC or NSW????

acechopra 8th September 2013 10:48 AM


This is To all 489 family visa applicants who are onshore and have paid application fees with co allocated. did any of you got the mail from immigration saying seats for 489 visa are full for thisYear hence they can't approve visa right now so ask you to wait until seats become available .

Visa 489 family sponsored
Co allocated 23 august
Occupation system analyst

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