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Bandish 15th January 2019 05:36 AM

So good to see many old cases getting grants... Congratulations to everyone who got their grants.

People who have not yet received grants please check if you have already sent PTE scores online through the PTE website, to avoid unnecessary CO contact and get faster grants 🙂

JG 15th January 2019 05:36 AM


Originally Posted by ramanjeetdeol2 (Post 14770888)
Hi All,

I have submitted 189 application.

I received the CO contact yesterday regarding outstanding debt.
I have never been to Australia.Never had anything to do with any Australian entity.

Request from CO: "Please prove evidence that all debts to the Commonwealth have been paid. Our records show that an amount of $1000 is still outstanding."

Could anyone please advise what would be the best way to respond

1. Will a written statement in response to this request suffice. Should it be notarized?

That is so unfortunate to hear.

I think a written statement will suffice with correct wording saying that there was no connection established earlier with the commonwealth.

JG 15th January 2019 05:39 AM


Originally Posted by Arun1987 (Post 14770430)
Hi friends, i got invite on the 11th Jan. I am waiting for PCC.
In the meanwhile i'm uploading documents.
Have a doubt on the documents to be notarized. Is it mandatory that all docs including work ex, paylips to be notarised or only the educational documents and national identity documents?


No need of any documents to be notarized if the original is scanned.

JG 15th January 2019 05:40 AM


Originally Posted by Ptashant (Post 14769744)
Good to see people receiving grant.. Hope I receive it soon.. Lodged 27 June and Co contact 15 Oct

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Your case must be near by mate.

JG 15th January 2019 05:42 AM


Originally Posted by Rishabh25 (Post 14769798)
So today is the 3 month anniversary of my application. Lodged on 14th October. The wait is making me paranoid, constantly checking emails and hoping one of them is with any news.

Have patience and check one more time all documents are uploaded correctly. One advice is look through immitracker and look for the CO contact reasons and make sure all that files are uploaded and wait for the grant.

Refreshing the page when you are near to the average grant time is very common since we are human beings.
best wishes.:amen:

JG 15th January 2019 05:44 AM


Originally Posted by alegor (Post 14769808)
Hello Guys,

We submitted our application on 2nd DEC, 2018. My wife is the primary applicant and me being secondary applicant. We are claiming spouse points. Now, my company is asking me to travel either to GOA or Vietnam for project purpose. I would like to know if I choose any one of the mentioned travel will there be any problem in my application process? Do I have to update anything in the application? Because I am secondary applicant only, still do I have to mention anything and will it delay the process further? Kindly help

File a 1022 there is no harm in doing that if the travel is more than 14 days.

JG 15th January 2019 05:46 AM


Originally Posted by Rishabh25 (Post 14769798)
HI All,

There is an typo in one of the earlier employer's email id. Will this cause a concern from CO?

File a form 1023 for notification of incorrect answers. There is no problems in updating the information as long as you show the sincerity. Moreover, it is better to update the email id especially if the CO tries to send mail to the employer then it must be a problem. So file 1023 notification of incorrect answers ASAP.

azam_qr 15th January 2019 05:46 AM


Lodge: 11 oct 2018

Thank you everyone for your support and guidance... wish everyone in here best of luck.

JG 15th January 2019 05:47 AM


Originally Posted by AT03 (Post 14769824)
Hi Experts,
Need your help!!!
I have filed my 190 PR sometime back and yet to get a grant.
1. My wife had previous experience of working in Australia but was not working at that time of filing the PR. So I have filled as not working in immi website. She is now back to work. I have upload the most recent salary slip and the offer letters now. Do I need to fill any form also?
2. We have travelled for a 5 day vacation during Christmas break. How do I declare these as days spent outside Australia now.

No need for both.

JG 15th January 2019 05:48 AM


Originally Posted by bssanthosh47 (Post 14769840)

I will soon hit my 4th month anniversary soon . This wait so painful and god alone knows what is happening to my application .



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