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turiguiliano 27th February 2019 05:30 AM


Originally Posted by mavivj (Post 14812336)

How could I say? Searching for the words to thank you.

I have received GRANT email today 10:35 am IST.

Thanks for creating a positive vibe in us.

Congrats ! Bandish, your success rate of prediction is hovering around 99 %...:)

Elu 27th February 2019 05:32 AM

Congratulations to all who has received their grants. Enjoy your moment.

Saif 27th February 2019 05:32 AM


Originally Posted by Nadine1986 (Post 14812644)
I have submitted my 10th certificate, PAN, driver's license, Aadhar, voter's id and passport as proofs of age but I couldn't manage a birth certificate. Can somebody confirm please if this would suffice?

It is more than enough. Many of us have got away with 10th marksheet as proof of dob.
But, as Utsav said, it depends upon the mood of the CO :)
You have done what you could from your side. Sit tight.

Saif 27th February 2019 05:35 AM


Originally Posted by sahilb4uonly (Post 14812810)
Direct Grant received just now .
I would like to thank everyone here for keeping this forum awesome.

Points : 80 (Including partner points )
Lodgement Date : 29Nov 2018

Congrats Sahil!

turiguiliano 27th February 2019 05:35 AM


Originally Posted by mavivj (Post 14812358)
We had started our Australian PR process during Feb 2017 (yes. it's two years ago). We (I and my spouse) had done our ACS assessment and PTE academic exams and submitted our EOI with 65 points under 261311 code on June 2017.

I was lethargic and often, I ignored my wife's suggestions to put sincere efforts in PTE exam so that we could improve EOI points to 75 points. But, on seeing the trend of 2613 invitation for 65 points in the year 2018-2019, I was cornered and had no other choice than to give multiple PTE attempts.

After 12 attempts, I had scored 90 in PTE and boosted my EOI to 75 points on June 2018 (after a year of initial EOI submission). Then, we had received our invitation for SC 189 on August 11th 2018 and lodged our application on 30 Aug 2018.

We had missed our chance of getting "Direct Grant" on Dec 2018 by not arranging Singapore PCC on time. By the time Case Officer asked for that PCC, we had it in our hand but yet to upload it :(

At last, today (Feb 26th) we have received our GRANT email. :)

It's been a two-year long journey.

I sincerely thank all my friends in expat-forum who spread a positive vibe on this tough journey.

I wish all who waiting for their grant to get sooner.

Patience and Persistence will always pay.


Well-said. Sometimes I feel this is a test of character for each one of us that are waiting to see the grant email. I can imaging what a moment of relief, it would be when it just lands in one's lap....

Hopefully all of us that are waiting for the grants, will be able to realize that moment sooner than later.

Saif 27th February 2019 05:38 AM


Originally Posted by Malikaus (Post 14812864)
Got the grant email at 10:07 am AEST today. :D

@Bandish sister your prediction again just off by one day which is highly accurate, you should seriously start thinking of monetising your predictive model.

@All other members here, thanks for creating a positive and helpful environment here. It really helped me keep positive.

Keep doing the good work and wish everyone a speedy grant.

Congratulations Malik

Saif 27th February 2019 05:48 AM


Originally Posted by sharv (Post 14812938)
You must leave the country before three months so as far i have read here, you can make a short trip to newzeland or some other nearby country before 14 april with easy and quick tourist visa option and can again come back after a day or two. then you can stay there for next three months. As your visa is valid for a year.
This what i have read in some other thread but i am not a professional so i will suggest you to make it sure with experts here or some MARA agent, if it is the right way or not. you will be geting your 189 approved soon. good luck.

Sent from my Redmi 6A using Tapatalk

I am not an expert either but just wanted to double check from my understanding...normally visas are either single entry or multiple. If it is a multiple entry visa then what you are suggesting seems correct but if it is not, I'm afraid re-entry is not an option. Validity of visa is one thing and number of entries permitted is another. So for example, my recent Dubai single entry visa was valid for one year, which means I could visit Dubai once in this one year for a maximum of 30 days for example, but once I've exited the country I dont think I can return using the same. Just my 2 cents.

Saif 27th February 2019 05:51 AM


Originally Posted by Mohammed786 (Post 14812968)
Okay bro. Just check in your grant letter whether any condition is mentioned about marrying or entering de facto relationship. I just came across a condition which mentions that you must not marry or enter into de facto relationship before your first entry (but this might be or will be attached to this visa). https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visa...product=189-63

So, i suggest you must keep that in mind and plan your validation if you are planning to get married in May.

What an amazing "helpful" post by you my brother. This is the beauty of this forum. I had no idea of such a condition.

rkhalid 27th February 2019 06:04 AM

Is there anyone who hasnt been contacted nor any status change in visa status.. i applied on 29th Nov and the status is still received.

points 80
lodgment date 29Nov2018

manusaavi 27th February 2019 06:05 AM

Still waiting dear....

Originally Posted by Usha Balla (Post 14813070)

Originally Posted by manusaavi (Post 14813056)
It's really surprising to see that some people get the grant soon where for some the file is not yet touched, even for same anzsco. The wait for the grant is really frustrating. All life plans depend on this grant.🤔

Hi Manusaavi
Any update on ur grant?

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