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bssanthosh47 24th February 2019 06:07 AM


Originally Posted by Rosun (Post 14810170)
Hi Bandish,
I am feeling so happy for you and bssantosh. You guys are really inspirational for your support for others at the time when you yourself were wating for your grant.
I am on the same boat
Visa launched: 16 Nov 2018
Visa status: Received
ICT Security Specialist
Family of 3.
Grant: finger 🤞

hey rosun,

thanks buddy :) dont worry if you have front loaded all the docs DG is on its way. Just a metter of time :)


PrettyIsotonic 24th February 2019 06:13 AM


Originally Posted by sc.mnit (Post 14810164)
Yeah sent an email some 35 days ago at gsm.allocated but alas no response! So they will take their own sweet time...

Hope once nov 189 ers done soon n dha revise SLA for 190ers 🤞

If you are in the mood to send through another email, try [email protected] too - we've had correspondence from them before as well :)

bssanthosh47 24th February 2019 06:15 AM


Originally Posted by saravanaprabhu (Post 14810128)
If possible can you please PM me to share the contents of the affidavit?

Thanks in advance

Hi buddy,

its a basic format . You go to any notary and ask for same name affidavit , they will have the template . 20rs estamp cover page and my content was as below .

1.i say that my correct name is "Abra Ka Dabra" as mentioned in my passport .

2. i say that in my BC,Voters ID,DL,all education docs my name is entered as "A K Dabra"

3. i say that both are my names and refers to me only and both the names are one and the same .

you can use the above wordings but just hit to a notary guys office , he will have to format and modify to meet your needs.


bssanthosh47 24th February 2019 06:24 AM


Originally Posted by Not_so_great_guy (Post 14809748)
Thanks for the quick response. What I infer from your response is that if one has lived in three different places in the same city in last 10 years, only 1 PCC will be submitted having current address.
Details of the three addresses will be mentioned in form 80 but no evidence will be submitted for those addresses.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

PCC is provided by Ministry of Home affairs from your country . PCC is a national document and it does not matter if you stay within the country in different states or cities .

Yes you need to mention all the details in form 80 ! and no need to give proof for address for any addresses you mention in form 80 .


bssanthosh47 24th February 2019 06:26 AM


Originally Posted by turiguiliano (Post 14809790)
Wow...Such a nice read. You have penned down the anxiety in a nice way. This one is a real booster for those like me that are waiting to see "THE Letter".
Congrats. Take good care of your health and wish you loads of luck to have a great life in Oz.

thank you and wish u all the bst buddy :)

sczachariah 24th February 2019 06:28 AM

Hello experts,

Recently have seen some posts mentioning SD for child appearance change.

Anyone who has done the same kindly let know how offshore applicants can do that and how/where to get it notarised if friends are staying in Australia and we are in India.

Or is this SD only for onshore applicants ?

Any pointers would be helpful.

vivinlobo 24th February 2019 06:28 AM


Originally Posted by bssanthosh47 (Post 14810174)
If i were u , i would also upload the 10th crtificate crtificate under DOB proof . This has more postive results . Many ppl from the forum itself have succeeded with only 10th marks as DOB proof . i would not upload the Bombay BC cause it will for no reason cause a doubt in CO's head with the name . You can always give a cover letter stating name was not decided and things like that with this BC. but again if CO comes back asking for PCC with middle name and what not . You never know what they will ask for.



Thanks bro I will do that

Sent from my G8342 using Tapatalk

bssanthosh47 24th February 2019 06:32 AM


Originally Posted by nimit.s (Post 14809556)
Attaching documents

Friends, as per the website --

"If you exit from the 'Attach documents' screen, you can navigate directly back to that page by expanding the application on the list page and selecting Attach documents"

However i dont see any link to directly navigate to the attach document section.
Each time i have to click on the navigation buttons of the application pages to reach in attach document section in last. Am i missing something here ?


Immi account keeps getting updated and bugs are being fixed and sometimes this creates new bugs . lol

So do not worry much as long as you are able to do what you intend to do in one way or the other :)


bssanthosh47 24th February 2019 06:34 AM


Originally Posted by yashkathuria (Post 14809478)
Hi Guys, I have a small query. I have done a small mistake in providing details of a one of my international travel in form 80. Do I need to
1) Give details in incorrect information only?
2) Do I need to give incorrect information AND update form 80 and upload it again?

Hi Buddy ,

Even i did the same mistake with my one of my wifes international travel .

I updated using Update us tab and used notification of wrong answers . Just did that and chilled and relaxed :D I did not upload a updated form 80 . This is not required


Bgankan 24th February 2019 08:13 AM

Hi Seniors,

Can someone please clear this doubt

We have applied thro an angent and my husband has claimed points for work experience from 2 MNCs. 10 months from company A ( after deduction of 2 years by ACS) and 6 years from Company B.

We got all required docs from Company B.

For Company A , even for ACS we could not get R n R on letter head so got 3 rd party affidavit from his seniors.

Now for Visa Application ,our agent has got a self attested affidavit for the same.
Is that the right procedure? Self attested ones are accepted ?

We are expecting our grant anytime and this is now a matter of concern.

Code: 261313
Visa Filed On : 16 Nov 2018

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