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sri46 22nd February 2019 09:38 PM


Originally Posted by Bandish (Post 14808752)
Received Grant !

Rocky, where are you !!! You definitely rock... :cool2:

As per your prediction yesterday.... Me and my family got our grant today at 5:57 am IST... :)

You are my prediction Guru.. :yo: :D

Saif, Santhosh, jaggsb will not forget the support and affection you people provided all this while in this forum...

Everyone in this forum has been so nice and wonderful... :p Love you all :)

*The revelation*

The next chapter of "Mistaken Identity - 189th Night and Day:p" has something more to reveal - "BANDISH" is my REAL name. ;);););) Initially I hated it as mostly people do not take it as a girly name...:( It started when I was in grade4 and a kid from Grade2 came in my class and said "Arts teacher is calling Bandish Bhaiya (Bro) .. He he Full class burst into laughter ... :mad2: I got mad then, but now I have taken it in my stride :p:p " And now that's how people don't forget me with my "kind of" unique name... And Jaagsb, actually I got this name from the movie Bandish.

*New Venture*

Recently had been busy ... with my new IT Startup incorporation. It took a while just for incorporation and due to that I had uploaded the last document of "Company Incorporation" only on 10-Feb-2019. Did not think that will get the grant so fast... But the love and affection I got here forced COs to expedite my grant... :p:p:p:p

Company name is INFONIUM, INFONIUM is under construction (work in progress). Hope to make it big in India and Australia. :) Will start with AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) software products.

Best wishes to everyone for a speedy grant :)

Congrats Bandish[emoji846]

Utsav_ 22nd February 2019 10:42 PM

Congratulations to everyone who got their grant yet again. Thank you for helping us maintain positivity and showing a way to be paitient for those awaiting their grant. All the best ^_^

nav87 22nd February 2019 11:01 PM

Hi Bandish

Congratulations on your grant......

Could you please predict my grant date. I am desperately waiting for it. Just a random date even if you are not sure pleaaaseeee...

Lodged 2 oct
Co contact: 11 Dec for spouse functional english. Requested invoice from them and waiting on that.
Grant date:: please predict 😊


yashkathuria 23rd February 2019 12:01 AM

Hi Guys, I have a small query. I have done a small mistake in providing details of a one of my international travel in form 80. Do I need to
1) Give details in incorrect information only?
2) Do I need to give incorrect information AND update form 80 and upload it again?

nitin2611 23rd February 2019 12:46 AM


Originally Posted by Bandish (Post 14809372)
Thanks so much nitin2611 :)

I still remember your good sense of humour: "HERE you will soon be THERE" and "It was a fast grant, SLO" :lol:

Wish you a speedy grant !

Thanks Bandish...keeping fingers crossed. Do let us know about openings in your new venture. You could potentially hire lot among us [emoji4]

vivinlobo 23rd February 2019 01:40 AM

Bandish did your status changed from 'recieved' to something else before you recieved the grant?

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jaggsb 23rd February 2019 02:09 AM


Originally Posted by Bandish (Post 14809374)
Hey jaggs bro, just in case you missed this one :)

You have deserved more than this Sister for your ample support and help in this forum.

Praying God that you should have a success in all your future endeavours.

And about predictions, i understand it makes you nervous and keeps you occupied for a long time. But you should continue what you are good at and personally, it defintely reduced the stress created due to the waiting time. Thats my humble request.

All the best and wishing to meet everyone in this forum down under..

Love you always Sister..

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Xaved 23rd February 2019 02:21 AM


I am a Civil Engineer with 70 points (Ed:20 +Age:30 + Eng:20).

Can anybody please tell me if this score is enough to expect the invitation any time soon?


Sanjiv1985 23rd February 2019 02:34 AM


Originally Posted by Bandish (Post 14809338)
A: In general, for old PF accounts without a UAN which are maintained by EPFO, there are two options to get the PF Statement:

1a: Raise a grievance through https://epfigms.gov.in/homepage.aspx website. You need to click on "Register Grievance" and proceed further. Here also it asks for UAN number, I had provided the latest active UAN and had mentioned that this UAN is not linked with this PF Account.

1b: Also, if you have time and yet waiting for invite, the better option would be to get it transferred to the latest PF account.

2: Go to the EPFO regional office which handles your PF account and ask them to provide the statement. (I think Santhosh knows this exactly, as I followed the first method).

B: If PF is maintained by your company PF Trust, then I think you need to ask your office/ the finance department.

Thanks Bandish!

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ddevansh 23rd February 2019 02:44 AM

Hi Bandish,

Congratulations for your grant.

Could you please also help in prediction of my grant-

Job code- 261313
Invite - 11-Nov-2018
Visa logged- 2-Dec-2018
Points claimed- 70


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