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harpreet22 23rd January 2019 04:51 AM

Can someone please let me know if CO can ask for employment proof even if we haven't claimed any points for it?

adichauhan 23rd January 2019 04:52 AM

Along with the degree certificates, you would have to submit evidence that the Medium of instruction was English. As the University Degrees don't mention the medium of Instruction.

If you have the Transcripts for the two courses, that should do as they would have the mention of Medium of Instruction.

That is what worked in my case.
I submitted the Transcripts along with the BTech and MBA degree for my wife as evidence of functional english.


Originally Posted by azuprejo (Post 14779528)
I was hoping for a Direct Grant today as I saw many people with 11-Oct-2018 dates were getting grants yesterday, mine was 12-Oct-2018 so expected a Grant. Instead I received a CO contact :mad:

For my spouse's application they need additional information.
Evidence of functional English.

-I have submitted her Mtech and Btech degree certificates along with mark sheets.
-But they need additional letter from education provider that the degree was conducted entirely in English.

Can somebody guide me what exactly I have to do.
Few clarifications that I need are below.
-whether I need to submit two documents since she has two degrees? (4 year Btech and 2year Mtech)
-I have to get the document from her University or the college she studied in?
-Also, who is authorized to provide such a letter?
-what should be the content of the letter

nshntkala4u 23rd January 2019 04:55 AM


How to proceed if we have submitted 190 NSW nomination application and then received a 189 invite as well on another EOI, should I just withdraw 190 EOI and proceed with 189 EOI or ask NSW to cancel my application.

lakzz 23rd January 2019 04:59 AM


Originally Posted by Bandish (Post 14779598)
All the Best...

Hope for Best :)

yogjeet1984 23rd January 2019 05:10 AM


Originally Posted by rmd123 (Post 14779510)
Hello Friends..

Today is the day.. Jan 23 2019!! ! Yes We got the grant.(myself, wife and daugther)
Our journey started last year in Feb 2018, debated on IELTS or PTE, finally I gave PTE and my wife IELTS.
We didnot have enough exam slots for PTE, only available date was 01 May 2018 and then next slot was in Sep 2018!!! so, we had to crack it in 1st attempt, and yes we did it!! Thanks to many PTE forums which really helped us to prepare.
After this we collated all documents required for ACS, and submitted on 9th June 2018, and we got positive result on 24th Aug 2018.
We were invited on 11th Sep 2018 and lodged the application 11th Oct 2018, after we had all the documents in place including PCC.
I was having this date in my mind based on tracker updates,was happy to see the grant!!!! (my prediction was right ..lol)
I know this wait is very hard, painful... I hear you all who are waiting for their grants... hang in there!! everyone has their day!! All the very Best to all who are waiting for the grant.
This forum has helped me with my questions and doubts,Thanks to you all. :)
Best Wishes!

Congrats Brother!! All the best for the new journey

Shenali12 23rd January 2019 05:10 AM


Originally Posted by Bandish (Post 14779574)
You too knew it was anytime... :p

Congratulations again... :)

All the best for your future...

Hey Bandish, I have been silently watching you predicting grants and some coming true too so would request you to predict mine too. Lodgement date :- 19th Oct, Job code :- 263111. Total points :-80.
Thanks in advance !! [emoji4]

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Deepti.Sinha 23rd January 2019 05:17 AM

Its really hard to analyse the trend and the invitation pattern. I am still trying to come to terms !

I understand each case officer is different and works at own speed.

Do you feel that the cases are really picked up by ANZSCO Codes or by the date of Lodgement?

Another question is why the case gets pushed again so long in case there is a CO contact even for a minor request?

nitin2611 23rd January 2019 05:18 AM


Originally Posted by harpreet22 (Post 14779672)
Can someone please let me know if CO can ask for employment proof even if we haven't claimed any points for it?

Hi Harpreet

I have read about one such case in the forum Where the applicant mentioned that he didn't claim points but CO asked for employment proof or some other details. What exactly was asked don't recall.

I assume you would anyway upload relieving letters of your previous companies.

By the way what's the background of your question. Why you ask this specifically?


rmd123 23rd January 2019 05:18 AM

Seeing the tracker updates.. I think normally emails are sent around 12-1 :00 PM Australian time.. might not be true always
even i received the email around 8:00 AM IST


Originally Posted by ashishk07 (Post 14779594)
Approximately at what time have people been getting their grants? I'm tired of logging on every 1 hour and checking my status and it's been quite frustrating for me.

Applied on 20/10/18 (261312) and haven't heard anything. I have a work contract till 2nd March (which is when my current visa expires) unless I get my PR before that date.

I feel they would extend my date as I'll have bridging visa with same working rights but I don't want to fall under that situation :(:(:(

Any predictions when I might get it?

yopik 23rd January 2019 05:20 AM

Hello guys,

I am happy to inform you that I and my husband received our grants today :cheer2:

Thank you for everything, you helped me a lot :)

But, I have another question, now. The IED is 05.02.2019 which is 12 days later :shocked: and imposible to plan a trip...

I received immi grant notification for both and just after it also received an immi later which says:

"Dear xxx
Notice to General Skilled Migration visa holder(s) about travelling in breach of visa
Initial Entry Date for a Skilled - Independent (Points-Tested) (subclass 189) visa
This information is applicable to:
xxxxx(Date of Birth,F)
xxxxx (Date of Birth,M)
The grant of your General Skilled Migration visa included the following visa condition: "8504
- The holder must enter Australia as the holder of the visa to which the condition applies
before a date specified by the Minister."
This condition requires that an initial entry into Australia by each visa holder be made before
the date specified in the visa grant notice provided to you when your visa was granted.
General Skilled Migration is aware that you and/or your family members who were granted a
visa as part of your application may not comply with this condition.
Failure to comply with visa conditions can render a visa liable for cancellation under the
Migration Act 1958 and visa holders are encouraged to make their first entry by the initial
entry date.
General Skilled Migration, however, has no objection to visa holders travelling to Australia in
breach of condition 8504 and will not seek to cancel a visa where the only reason for doing
so would be the breach of this condition.

I really couldnt get the point :(. Is this a waiver or just a notification to not exceed the IED. :help:

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