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MeleGe 18th October 2016 12:10 PM

Assessment from vetassess without*a*highly relevantfield*of*study
Hey guys,

I need some info from the experts here... I'm going to apply for VET skill assessment for occupation 'Web Designer ' (ANZSCO Code 232414 )

I Have 5 years of work experience in this occupation. However, My Bachelors is not in the related field. So after some searching i found the " List of General Professional Occupations assessed by VETASSESS " in the group B

Qualification/s assessed at AQF Bachelor degree or higher degree without a highly relevant field of study and at least three years of post-qualification highly relevant employment at an appropriate skill level completed in the last five years;


My questions are :

0 - is that mean the vetassess will be deduct 3 years from my experience ?
1 - is if i receive positive assessment from vetassess, can i claim 15 points for my Bachelors qualification in EOI/visa application?
2 - How i know that my Bachelors is a AQF Bachelor degree in Australia ? * My Bachelors is law
3 - What is the difference between the ( Full Skills Assessment ) and ( Points Test Advice (pending or returning VETASSESS applicants) ! and what is best choice for me ?
4 - what is the Required Documents and how long days the process will take ?

Thanks in advance.

emilzaki 7th July 2017 09:49 PM

I got same situation here. Please let me know if you have submitted your application.

akanifiok 30th July 2017 09:33 PM

HI people
I have Bachelors degree Honors in Petroleum Engineering. I have One year post-qualification as Environmental Scientist where I implement and and advised on policies protecting the environment. I trust my first degree is highly relevant.

your comments will be deeply appreciated.

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