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Default What is it really like for British western white women to live in Dubai?


I have lots of questions and would be grateful if someone could help answer them.

I am thinking about relocating in Dubai. I am an independant British white female who wishes to escape to a better climate and standard of living and am considering Dubai amongst other places.

So what's it really like? How easy is it to go about your daily life as a single western woman. Are there any clothing restrictions or are there best practices of clothing. What can you wear on the beach? Is it safe to go to the beach, shopping, restaurant, take a taxi etc on your own?

Are their any issues associated with day to day life or can I expect the same issues as I have living in UK as a single person?

How are women treated in the work place? How are British women regarded by locals? Is it true that many women who do not cover up or go out on their own are regarded as prostitutes and get hassle from men or followed or from other prostitutes thinking that you are on their patch?

I also understand that sex outside of marriage is illegal (it is still in UK but the law is so out of date it is ignored), so how do you have to conduct your relationship with your boyfriend. Can you stay over their house or live together. (I may be moving with my british boyfriend but not necessarily live together).

Any other advice that you can give?

Thanks in advance for your help.