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Originally Posted by happybuddha View Post
Canada, all the way mate !

Just three years to get Citizenship (after which you can work in the US. There on, California (or insert your fav state, just dont say NY! ) all the way!)

Trudeau seems to be more of a visionary than the PM(s) in Australia who change at the drop of a hat. When they are busy fighting amongst themselves for the highest seat, who is bothered about running the country.
From what I have heard, Trudeau has recently hauled the benefit system and there are much better benefits for young families.

Recently there was a question in the Australian parliament where the PM refused to answer if there were chances of Medicare being privatised.

Much more adjustment, maturity and experience with immigrants in the society as a whole.
Just the weather can be silly for some part of the year. But that's manageable.
Basically the country continues to be run by the public service regardless of who the Prime Minister is at the time. It is not too badly run as we have not had a recession in twenty-five years. It is early days yet for Trudeau.
I can assure you that Medicare will not be privatised. You need to remember that we are a two house democracy which is a fusion of the Westminster system and the American. We are partly having changes of leadership as no one has been able to get many changes through the Senate. That is not going to change any time soon, even if there is a double dissolution.
Canada and Australia are both immigrant countries so both are experienced with immigration. Canada was settled earlier so I guess it is true that they have greater experience. I cannot comment whether Canadians are more tolerant of outsiders. Their culture is very polite so it is possible their thoughts are kept more to themselves.
Australia, by world standards, has a very high rate of intermarriage between different ethnic groups which should indicate a reasonable level of tolerance.
As far as I know here we get longer paid holidays than in Canada, the unemployment rate is slightly lower, we have long service leave unlike almost anywhere else. But we are further from most places, the places with good employment opportunities are very expensive and the traffic is bad in the main cities.
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