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Originally Posted by bunkr View Post
Hi there.

I am posting on this thread for the first time. I have been reading through many threads but have not found many stories about people waiting in NSW Stream 2, so though I would get the ball rolling. My wife qualifies for Public Relations Professional (225311), which required State Sponsorship.

My, well me and my wife's Australia story is 3 years in the making. We seriously started considering Australia as a destination in Aug 2013. We talked to few friends and relatives there. Talked to them about the PR process. We were very confused if we should take an agent or go in ourselves. We even talked to. A few agents in India (I am from India) but they did not really fill us with confidence. There was more jargon than actual talk, and I should know, I do it for a living!!

The main website was a lot of help and it gave me the confidence to go ahead. I started by making a checklist of all the documents, and collecting them. Finally by end of Dec 2013 we felt we were ready. I got all the docs notarised and lodged a skill assessment with VETASSESS on 11 Jan 2014. In the meantime my wife took IELTS in March 2014. The skill assessment from VETASSESS took a loooong time. We had to send couple of reminders and finally we got a positive assessment on 14 May 2014. The same day, i lodged an EOI for a 190 visa. My wife qualified with 65 points.

And after that nothing. For 1.5 years, nothing. We kept scanning state sponsorship lists buy there has been no sponsorship for public realtions professional. To be honest, we completely gave up hope and started thinking about Canada. But I dont like cold weather that much and was not very enthusiastic.

Then out of the blue on 15 Jan 2016, couple of days ago, we got an email that NSW has invited my wife for a state sponsorship nomination. I was puzzled and searched online to find out that we were nominated under something called Stream 2 which rewarded people with high points on CSOL, but whose professions are not in the nomination list.

On 17th, I submitted all the docs for NSW nomination. things work out. Thanks for listening to the long saga and for all the stories shared.
This is great news !
My occupation is listed only on CSOL for Victoria and I was looking for a plan B if the Vic SS gets rejected.

This seems like an alternate way! From those who have been approved through this stream, can I ask what points classify as 'high points on CSOL occupations' for stream 2 application? I have 65 points exclusive of SS.
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