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Originally Posted by d4xdragon View Post
"escapedtonz" thank you for a very clear answer, but after your answer i have further question, regarding "areas of absolute skills shortage "

It is is asked under "Qualifications"as

and than again for "Relevant Work Experience" as

I read in some thread here that I can clam points for "identified future growth areas" only when i have a job office and i am in NZ, please correct me if i am wrong.

moreover if i can not clam points for "areas of absolute skills shortage" for qualification, does it applies on work experience as well?

also my work experience is not gained in "comparable labour market" but currently "System Analyst" is in "area of absolute skills shortage".

please advise which points should i clam.

Sorry I'm not an advisor. I can only offer you some benefits of my experience in the process and years of being a member of the forum. Can't guarantee anything I state is 100%. You'll need to check that for yourself.

What you have read is correct. No person can claim points for "identified future growth area" whether that relates to qualifications or work experience UNLESS they either have a skilled job offer in an identified future growth area from an NZ employer OR they already work in a skilled job in an identified future growth area in NZ for an NZ employer.

When you consider claiming points for qualification and experience in an occupation off the LTSSL, you MUST match the requirements of that occupation exactly as stated in the column to the right of the occupation or you cannot claim the points. These points are bonus points, so you can still claim that you have xx years of work experience in that occupation even though you may not meet the criteria to claim the bonus points.

When a person fails to meet the LTSSL occupation requirements for the bonus points, all is not lost. There is still a possibility of claiming some points relating to "comparable labour market".
If a person meets the requirements of an occupation off the LTSSL, then the "comparable labour market" thing is not needed. It then becomes irrelevant.
It is only when a person fails to meet the requirements of an occupation off the LTSSL, can they investigate whether or not they can claim some bonus points using the "comparable labour market" route.
If you can provide evidence that the company you worked for and where you obtained the work experience is registered in one of the countries on the list then you can claim bonus points by saying your experience was obtained in a "comparable labour market".
You may need to investigate whether or not your company is part of a bigger entity or global enterprise.....the company that you work for may, for example be registered in your home city and home country which may not be on the list, but these days companies are further owned by a bigger entity behind it and if that company is registered in a country on the list then you will qualify for the bonus points on offer for "comparable labour market".
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