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Originally Posted by d4xdragon View Post
Dear Friends,

I have a few questions for my points calculation.

I have a

Bachelor in Computer Sciences 4 year =>PAR Level 6 (year of completion 2005)
Masters in Computer Sciences 2 year =>PAR Level 7 (year of completion 2007)

I have been working as Software Eng. since 1997 and then gradually promoted to system analyst in 2005 and studied full time for Bachelor, parallel to my job.
and then did my masters in 2007 while studding full time in parallel to my job.

i am planing to go for System Analyst , as my all work experience since 2005 till today is of system analyst. which is currently in both
"List of Skilled Occupations" and "Long term skill shortage list"

so question is
1) what years of work experience should i clam ?
2) can i clam the bonus points of "absolute skills shortage "

My second question is regarding Partner English proficiency

in points calculator

there is a question

"Would your partner have the required English proficiency to qualify as a principal applicant?"

I am confused with the last words "as a principal applicant", does this mean that to clam these points my partner should also have overall 6.5 in IELTS

according to SM5 English Language Requirements

SM5.5 for principal applicant IELTS is 6.5 overall
SM5.10 for non-principal applicant IELTS is 5 overall

please advise.

1. You can claim for all relevant skilled work experience in terms of your occupation irrespective when you gained the qualifications.
2. I'd say No, because all occupations on the LTSSL require a Bachelor degree Level 7 in an associated study area to the occupation. Although you have a Bachelor degree it has been assessed as Level 6 so it does not meet the requirements. You cannot use the Masters degree as even though that is assessed as Level 7 it is a Masters degree which also does not meet the requirements of an occupation off the LTSSL. You must match them exactly so it must be a Bachelors degree at Level 7. The only chance you have is to go for IQA assessment and hope the Bachelors degree attains Level 7......this is possible as IQA is a more thorough assessment.

Yes if you want to claim partner points, the partner MUST achieve minimum 6.5 in IELTS......if you intend to use IELTS to prove English language ability.
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