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Users Flag! Originally from india. Users Flag! Expat in australia.

Wotcher. Its posts like this that make my day. Such optimism. I cannot imagine - what twinkle you must have in your eyes when you think about this fairy land called Australia

Originally Posted by noobrex View Post
Megha - I am moving in July, would share my experience once I am there but there are few things already -

1. Fresh Air (not polluted like india)
2. Good education for kids.
3. Medical facilitates (Well much better here since you are talking about medicare ..at lest they give us these benefits which are much much better shape if you compare it with the facitilites and time it takes in AIIMS)
4. Good infrastructure
5. More time for family.
6. First world country
7. Less crowd
8. No traffic
9. Parks for kids to play ..lanes for biking
10. Well at least they give us something for the taxes we pay

these are just some which i feel are good....I am also going there would take the feel for next 4-5 months and if it all goes well then its ok else would come back and would start a START UP ...be optimistic....are you in Melbourne or Sydney ?
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