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Thanks for all replies.

I've decided to import my car. Some rental quotes were as high as 545 and I think the lowest I got was around 400.

So it was a no brainer to import my car and I'll sell it when I leave next year.

So there'll be a nice cheap mazda 323f RHD for sale late next summer on Spanish plates.

It's amazing there is a recession going on here. Absolutely no evidence of it in my area. Not ONE company would budge on their quotes for rental. I possibly would have went to 300 a month but I was turned down by one and all. I was looking for a ten month rent so that's 3,000. Madness no ?

I tried to rent one last week from a small local firm. He quoted me 210 for the week. I said I would give him 150. His actual words ? - " i'd prefer to leave it in the garage'.

Either I've lost ALL my basic business skills or these guys up here are too wealthy to do "business".

I think if you live here and are fluent in Spanish and have ANY idea about customer service then you should be on a quick road to a million. I'm saying that rather tongue in cheek but I have NEVER seen business's run like I have seen them run here.