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Originally Posted by Gene and Viol View Post
We have lived elbow to elbow with the poorest of the poor over here in a Mt. Pinatubo resettlement town for many years and love every minute of it. Doing business with locals anywhere in the country can be a nightmare but for living, for my wife and I, this is the best ever. I have spent loads of time over at Subic and love the place. I manged the Hungry Marlin Restaurant that use to be close to the Yacht club and loved that too. But for everyday living, for me at least, it's much more enjoyable and less expensive living within their society and living conditions. I dunknow, just seems more of an adventure even after being in our home here for almost 10 years.

I agree with you there also(sounding like a broken record now) I also lived in remote mindanao and it was good,,,,much cheaper living like a filipino to some extent. Just finally had enuff of it. with my cancer and other complications going now I figure this would be a logical place for me. Better health care etc...(maybe) anyhow,,my plan is to draw my last breath here....As im telling him though,,take a long hard look at it,,the rp isnt for everybody. If youre not adaptable think again. I do like living here at the beach and I have 2 neighbors retired marines. One is from 60 miles from me in ohio long ago. Makes it enjoyable. Im standing outside my compound yesterday when he stopped car and rolled down window to ask "are u american?" I said yup,,same place same name,,it was a pleasure to deal with a fellow countryman. I also like Baretto for a little excitement. Life here is an everyday adventure.......thats why Im here. I have been told by those who have known me well for 35 yrs or more that im an adrenaline junkie. They tell me I dont do things the easy way,,,hmmmmm.....I guess its what makes life fun,never a dull moment for me.

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