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This is the solution we found when staying on Costa del Sol.
It was a smaller company - not one of the multi-nationals.
Negotiated a 'long term' monthly fee and simply visited the office once per month to make the next months payment. They held an initial refundable deposit throughout the entire period. [insurance purposes, as we did NOT use a credit card]
They sent us an email 3 or 4 days prior to each monthly expiry date, and we emailed back confirming we would be renewing.
Very simple.
Side benefits were it both secured the vehicle through the 'crazy season', and even more than that, fixed the low monthly cost even during peak times.

One other option, if looking for a vehicle for 10 months, is to buy a cheap run around.
When you calculate how much you will spend over a 10 month period, you might discover that buying 'well' and selling 10 months down the road, even at a 'quick sale price', will work out cheaper for you. Depends on how confident you are at buying and selling, and also at what level of monthly payment you're being quoted.

... but ... 10 months @ [for example] 200 soon adds up ... and its going to be difficult to 'lose' 2,000 in a vehicle's value at resale time 10 months later.
I came to this conclusion pretty quickly. The cheapest quote I got was about 300 per month. Madness. Still looking though. I need to try and get one before January.

It's proving difficult though and to be honest I've ruled out buying. Too much of a minefield. I want the hassle free 'all in' option that comes with renting. No separate insurance or worries about maintenance or break downs and all those possibilities come with a car that would cost about 2,000.

I'm genuinely shocked I can't get anything under 200 a month.