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Originally Posted by gasman1065 View Post
Hi thanks for the reply I would have about 25000 euro but would need to find a job within 3 months
You open a can of worms when you mention finding a job in Italy. Bear in mind I have lived in Blighty for 14 years, I've seen both countries go down. Finding a job in Italy, regardless of the region, is supposed to be next to impossible. However if there's something we Italians are good at is surviving and kicking the can down the road.

How good/bad is your Italian? Would you be driving a car? If you live in the Garda lake area you need a car to move around. If your Italian is half decent and have a car and work your contacts well you might find a job or at least something to do to pay your bills. It's a touristy area but the season is almost finished. You might try to find work in Veneto, anywhere near the Alps would be good.

Would you have 25 grand left after relocation? If so at least you could survive till the beginning of next season (March).
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