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Originally Posted by Isla Verde View Post
The last couple of years, I've become a big fan of the marcelous Mafalda comics and reading them has made the "vos" verb forms seems less odd to me than they had before. They are related to the "vosotros" verb forms still used all over in Spain, but instead of being a plural familiar form of "you", they've come to substitute for some of the singular "t˙" forms. I really should look into how this came about.
I got addicted to Mafalda comics in the form of little books back when I was first in Mexico. I laughed out loud more, sometimes, than when I read "Peanuts" back in the states. I never saw it in English, probably because it would be difficult to translate some of their best gags due to how "Latino"-centric the humor was... it wouldn't make sense to a Gringo in English, especially if they were unfamiliar with Spanish or life in Latin America. It was a great look at the world & politics of the time from a different perspective.

I understand it ceased back in the early 70s, maybe because of the turmoil in Argentina at the time. Even though it was an Argentine product, Mafalda was well-loved in Mexico, too! Oh yes, it also helped me to understand how they used "vos" & conjugated their verbs differently there than how I was learning Spanish in Mexico.
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