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Originally Posted by Meritorious-MasoMenos View Post
So many interesting points on this. Yes, you're all right on the heavy Italian sound of Argentine Spanish .... BUT, I've found that in Spanish, there is a wider gap between spoken and written Spanish, including in newspapers, than in English, especially American English.
Agreed on that, when you're talking about the media. I used to wonder why they didn't dumb down their newspaper language to a 4th grade level like (supposedly) the US. I've never taken as much notice of newspapers from other Latino countries. I did read El País from Spain while in school because it was encouraged as part of a couple of my classes. I just took it as a given that the other countries would be different from Mexico.

I'd also agree with you that Mexico, as the largest Spanish speaking country, should win the "language wars" . However, Spain - the "originator" of the language - has the "academia" to maintain control over what it deems pure Spanish. My professors didn't like my idea that Mexico should create its own academic to compete with Spain's...
(Damned brick, AGAIN!)
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