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Originally Posted by Meritorious-MasoMenos View Post
So right, and I'm pretty sure that Mexico is the largest speaking Spanish country in the world, and "correct" language is what most people speak, not what academicians think should be spoken. But as you said and I said, it's not good to be between a Mexican and an Argentine/Chilean "discussing" language.
M3: That's another thing I'd point out that Mexico IS the largest Spanish speaking country in the world. There were no representatives from Mexico in these groups, that I can recall; but usually there were at least a couple of Mexican-American US personnel present who appreciated my asserted pride in Mexico. From what I've seen, Mexicans are usually laid back about these types of issues in international company... except when they are arguing with other Mexicans about soccer or home region issues.

Originally Posted by Isla Verde View Post
I think it's a riot if Argentinians think they speak "better" Spanish than Mexicans. To me the language spoken in Argentina has a very Italian cadence, plus the use of "vos" and its odd verb forms have no connection to the way the language is spoken in Spain.
IV: You are sooooo right about that! Nevermind that their accent & expressions were diluted by a major Italian immigration back at the turn of the 20th century. What's even more puzzling are some I've met that bristle at being referred to as "Latin Americans", claiming to be "Europeans" instead! Don't get me started on how they corrupted & incorrectly incorporated the vosotros form of the language...!
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