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Originally Posted by Howler View Post
On several occassion when I found myself in groups of various Latin American military personnel, they almost always found their way into an argument on where Spanish was spoken better or more correctly outside of Spain. Of course the Argentines & Chilenos were "strong" advocates for their ways of speaking Spanish, with the Colombianos following up in a close second.

My reply was to remind the group that Spanish in this hemisphere was first spoken in Mexico - "...y de allá se fue pa' abajo, todo, hasta llegar a Argentina al sur."

It was a great ice-breaker and a way to stick my claim in there on behalf of good ol' Mexico!
So right, and I'm pretty sure that Mexico is the largest speaking Spanish country in the world, and "correct" language is what most people speak, not what academicians think should be spoken. But as you said and I said, it's not good to be between a Mexican and an Argentine/Chilean "discussing" language.
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