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Originally Posted by manpal View Post
Dear all

I had applied for my spouse visa on 17 Oct, 2011. Undergone the medicals on 29 Dec.2011 when told by my CO. On 8 Feb.2012, I got a mail from MOC that further information is required before making any decision on my application as my X ray film showed some scar.

I undergone a series of tests like Blood test, Sputum test, Ct scans etc. and submitted the report on 29 May, 2012.
After that I again got a mail from MoC on 22 July2012 that further X ray is required. I submitted it on 26 July 2012.
Now on 17 August,2012 again MOC have requested the sputum test on 26 November 2012 and Xray on 26 January 2013.

Can anybody on the forum will help me to understand why the MOC is delaying the process by asking for the reports again n again and not arriving on the conclusion.

My all medical test reports have turned out to be normal and I am not having any symptom of TB.
Now personally I am planning for the bronchoscopy as only this test vl give me the clear picture of whether I am really having some health issue or not.

My second question is if bronchoscopy report came out as normal can I make request to MoC for granting me the visa. What would be the process for that?

Kindly help me out as I am very much frustrated. Its been almost 1 year and I haven't got any result of my visa application.

Thanks n regards

Dear all,

Thanks very much for ur prompt please guide me further.

I had undergone bronchoscopy....My all reports are normal...m waiting for my culture report which usually comes after 1.5 months. My question is if my culture report also came normal..can I request MOC for "Health Undertaking" ??

I have updated MOC about my current reports.
Also Doctor have put me under medication for 6 months on the basis of CT Scan report.

Is my case valid for Health Undertaking? How much time MOC takes for granting the visa after signing Health Undertaking?

Please reply...
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