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Users Flag! Originally from southafrica. Users Flag! Expat in australia.

Moving to & fro NZ & Aus is no different to moving from the SI to NI both no more than 3 hours flight time. It takes longer to fly from Sydney to Perth than from Auckland to Sydney.

People gain much experience from moving around, think how bring life would be if we all stayed put.

An example is my 81 year old sister who has lived in the same house 78 years almost untouched. She is the most boring introverted person I know, has nothing to talk about except whats happening in her little town (Midlands UK) & complain & whinge.
Took her on holiday to North Tenerife (where I was living at the time) & she was completely disinterested in anything I took her to see or do.
Her only objective was to buy duty free cigarettes for her daughter! Complete waste of money, time & effort
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