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Originally Posted by TallyHo View Post
I don't know what your definition of a "good area" is but you cannot get a studio for 5K a month in the Marina or other popular areas with Western expats.

If I had a choice between a studio far out in a dusty community or a flatshare in the Marina or JLT or downtown or a nice villa near the beach, especially at the age of 22, I know which one I would take.

The other problem with a studio is that you still need to pay your rent in either 1-4 cheques for the year, plus 5% deposit (not always refundable), 5% fee to the agent, expense in furnishing it, then the monthly operating costs (dewa/utilities, air conditioning if necessary, internet, the 5% housing tax). A 5K/month studio quickly becomes closer to 6-6500/month.

The cheap studios are also a long way from the popular areas. You will need a car, whereas if you live in the Marina or JLT you can use the metro, which is great if your office is by a metro stop too, saving you the expense of owning or renting a car if you want.

The other disadvantage to renting your own place is that you're tied to a lease. There's something to be said about retaining as much flexibility when you've just moved to Dubai, especially at age 22. Perhaps the job won't work out. Perhaps you'll decide you don't like Dubai. Perhaps something better comes along back home. In a flatshare you can leave any time. In a studio, you have to pay stiff penalties (usually two month's rent) to get out of the lease.

Last, but not least, for someone new to town, flatsharing is a great way to meet people. He's only 22. If I were him, I'd find a flatshare for the flexibility and social aspect as well as to minimise expenditures (most flatshares include utilities, internet and even maid service with the rent) and take the extra money and travel.

Thanks for the answer!

Thumb up for your well mentioned points, I thought about flat sharing last week and came up with the same ideas

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