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Originally Posted by flawed View Post
Hi judy , hi barry,

I booked again about a week ago. We are flying into barcrlona for a few days then heading to ofena around the 11th of oct to the 19th. It is never long enough though. Such a long way fron australia we always lose so many days traveling. We will miss your picnic barry which is a shame. It is a fantastic thing you are planning. I can't believe you have 100 people coming ! I hope you plans are finally falling into place judy and that being their will make things start happening. we finally got an electricity bill from enil and it was huge. Gianni took the readings and came to laquila with us to sort it out. Turns out they had overestimated and it ended up only 345.00 euros. We tried to see someone at the commune about the taxes but he wasnt there. Will try again this visit. Lorenzo made us a new front door i am nervous as im hoping it is balanced and to scale. it has internal shutters so we can light the stairs. I hope i havent made a mistake doing it in timber. maybe i can finally meet you judy this trip :-) we havent done much to the place but we hope to do some more clearing in the courtyard. So much rubbish there. When i find the bottom ill be able to think about the stairs !
Hi Lynda
It will be lovely to meet up with you. We will definitely be there then as we should be arriving about the 7th/8th September.
There is still no good news about the repairs on our house. We are getting really fed up about it.
We are also hoping to have new wood framed doors made for our house as well(once the repairs have been completed) I think they look much nicer and will let the light in.
Have a safe journey and we will see you in October.
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