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Hi Tarekaf,

My LL and I managed to find a common ground somewhere in the middle. Our agreement was that I sign now a new lease to start on the expiry of my existing one in November, despite it being still 3 months away. I am paying much more for the new lease than i did through MFR, and maybe 5-10K above the market rate, but when you average the two years out i am still only paying what i think is below average for this apartment. I don't intend to renew for a 3rd year due to a growing family so i was aware that the new rent rate wouldn't effect me beyond this tenancy anyway.

I still believe that i had a strong case to stay until the end of my tenancy, and was almost daring my LL to pursue me. But, I also had the dates in my favour with Ramadan upon us, i knew that by the time his case was heard after the Rent Comittee holiday, and then if i forgot to appear once or twice for the hearing, the best he could do was take back the last month of my tenancy even if i lost the case, so i didn't have that much to loose. But then what would i have done? Begged him to re-let the apartment to me so i don't have to move and pay agency fees again?

The mutually agreeable settlement is, i think, a better way to conduct business. It means that the LL now has a (good) tenant until late 2013, he has recovered some of his losses for the mismatch in dates by charging me a higher rent, but i also have somewhere to live without the aggravation of legal action and Rent Committees hanging over me. And there's no agents involved anymore.

When negotiating with your LL, remember you have now lost your 5% deposit to MFR and you could try to get him to accept that it is his problem now. I have ended up forfeiting mine, but haven't had to pay a new one for this new tenancy. In November, i will probably pursue MFR for its return.