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Users Flag! Originally from uk. Users Flag! Expat in italy.


Thanks for contacting us back. We really appreciate it.

My wife and I are currently living in Florida in the U.S. We are planning on coming to Calabria in September or October of this year at the lates to look around for a two bedroom rental property that we want to rent for one year. Are monthly budget at this point of time is $500.00 U.S. Do you know of any rental properties in our price range in a nice area of Calabria we can rent for one year? We will not have our own transportation for awhile so wherever we would rent a place at we would have to be able to walk or take public transportation to get to grocery stores,fruit and vegetable stands and dining places.

Do you know of any Iacoboni or Leone families in Calabria?

Maybe we could meet you when we come to Calabria.

If you can help us please contact us back directly on our e-mail which is .


Michael and Palma[/QUOTE]

Am i mising somthing here the heading is abruzzo and you are talking aBOUT CAlilabria and in the next breath guardregrele in abruzzo or is there another in calilabra

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