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Default Hi

We have recently bought a very small house near Guardiagrele. We spend around 5-6 weeks there each summer and are flying out tonight! Once we retire, we plan to spend much more time in Abruzzo (after 2017 or 2018).

Let us know if you are looking to connect with other English speakers. My great grandmother was from Glascow! My husbands parents were from Italy. He speaks the language much better than I do so I would love to build some relationships with English speakers as well as our wonderful neighbouring Italian speakers.

All the best,

Originally Posted by sheilamarsco View Post
abruzzo is such a large area and varies a lot from the south to the north i live in the north and love it here but that's not to say that the majella area doesn't have it's own beauty. wherever you go you will love the fabulous scenery. as for a town to recommend it's such a subjective thing as everyone likes different things. i like citta san angelo as it is near the autostrada 5 mins from the beach it has an historical centre but also a lot of new houses being built. the properties are very well priced and i think if you are looking for walk in properties rather than something to renovate then it is definitely worth a look. great shopping (new outlet village just built) teramo is a lovely city too perhaps not so much the surrounds but the centre is beautiful and it has great transport, shopping, restaurants etc. i hope all goes well for you i'm sure you won't regret the move if i can help at all just pm me (if that's possible)
QUOTE=ksesock;330510]We are looking to retire in 2018, but are in the initial stages of planning to move to the Abruzzo region. We were wondering about rent vs. buying, we were looking to go at least once a year for a couple of weeks at a time to check out the region. We are looking for something not necessarily in the piazza, but some what close to town. Can anyone recommend a particular town or area within Abruzzo, reasonably affordable? Apartment to start then once we live full time explore buying a property. Any help would be appreciated, thanks, Ken and Josephine
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