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I have a fully endorsed CDL. I have to get a medical cert every 2 years on file with my home state,(N.J.) to keep it. Requires a mail drop in New Jersey and a return every 2 years otherwise it will lapse. This info might not help you, but it is the strictest things are likely to get for retaining any USA license. As far as using the International license in P.I. I used 10 staples on the front of mine to affix a color copy of my fully endorsed CDL over the expiration date of my 3 year old, non valid Intl. D/L and have used it in LTO and HPG no Prob... They dont know what they are looking at. They are looking at your Rego. which potentially allows them (HPG/LTO) to confiscate or "apprehend" your vehicle. Not too much emphasis on enforcing, or understanding where and when the Int. D/L/ will jam U up. It works for me with the B.S. back up I provide in the color copies of my Stateside credentials...
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