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Hi Rutherford, i would be interested in talking to you about your RC experience. (cant PM you yet as i have too few posts on here)

I am in a similar position stuck between an MFR sublet and my LL. My problem is also about the dates though rather than just the difference in Rent, MFR let from the LL from August to August, MFR let to me from November to November.

I am now in direct contact with my LL who wants me to renew in August, or vacate, essentially loosing ~34K AED worth of tenancy.

All the legal advice i have managed to get advises me to sit tight, and that my tenancy is legal until the RC prove otherwise. RERA told me something similar, and the reception of the RC also.

However, you may have seen the news article last week where the RC awarded in favour of the LL of an entire block and 70 tenants now face eviction on the end date of the LL/MFR contract. - Which doesn't fill me with any confidence anymore!

Did you get anywhere with RERA after the RC decision went against you? Was there any suggestion of compensation for you from the bond they are holding from MFR? etc etc...

Any insight would be greatly appreciated,
Many thanks,