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Originally Posted by DesertStranded View Post
Yes, do tell Starv. Inquiring minds want to know?
I am a HIT consultant and the Gulf is one of our fastest growing regions.

Originally Posted by flossie View Post
I don't thing any of us can ever be 100% secure in our work. I know the one time that my husband was, he was laid off that week!! But in saying that, he is currently working on something within the oil industry that is quite unique and he has quite unique skills, so we're feeling as secure as we can be considering the plummetting oil prices. The oil industry is so cyclical, though, that we always have to have a contingency plan which involves having quite a bit of savings. (A lot of which we spent moving here, so I'd best stop spending, hey?)
That is very true flossie. While we are doing very well in the gulf, most of our work is based upon huge government contracts. At any moment, the govt could decide to put their money elsewhere. A couple of GCC contracts get pulled and then we are in the same boat as everyone else.