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Originally Posted by catgor_99 View Post
Just a quick question to any Ex pats on the forum who are worried about their employment with their current employer.

Are you all sure your jobs are 100% safe or do you worry you might get paid off.

I'm moving in Jan 09 and really really worried about the scare mongering going around at the minute.

Please post your views
I have not made the move yet, but I have spent a couple of months there this year for work. I can tell you that no one at our UAE office is worried about their jobs. They are actually desperately trying to fill more positions with members from our US and UK offices (hence my arrival next quarter). We, however, are not in any form of construction, real estate, or investment industry. You might ask responders to mention what line of work they are in as well to get a better idea of what's going on w/ your area.

It is sad to read about all of the fellow forum-goers who have been hit hard during these crappy times. Just know that there is hope out there!