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Originally Posted by pijoe View Post
I would run the plate (by text message to LTO) and make sure that there is no LTO apprehension or alarms on the vehicle. Is there a chance that it is smuggled? I only ask because almost all "big bikes", muscle cars, hot rods, ect, are. The sales agreement, copies of ID, ect are to prove that you bought it but I dont know if you need them at LTO or not as I always have my brother in law do non appearance rego's for me. After that you will need original O.R. and definitely original C.R. ( basically the title in P.I.)
It helps quite a bit if the plate is from the LTO where you live. Dilliman if living in the Manila area, Olongapo if in Subic, ect... That keeps H.P.G. at bay. Someone here probably has a better answer than me but I hope that helps a little. Cheers.
Thank for the heads up pijoe - ran the number by LTO this morning - the reply was " No record found . P2.50/text.x01 - interestingly and coincidentally I was at the owners yard last week and there were , amongst many other vehicles , two status marque brand new top of the range high power bikes !
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