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Actually because your getting paid in the UK through the UK finance office you will be charged Tax... Its the same with alot of expat companies (Shlumberger , Halliburton etc). Some big companies have their finances at locations where the tax is minimal (10%). But yea it sometimes happens.

But the wording is a bit generic.. some home countries require you to pay tax even tho your getting paid outside the country. I think they say it just for legal reasons that they are not responsible for your tax payments. I think US citizens have to pay tax even tho they are earning the money outside the US.
hi, I would check everything out with your employer prior to signing any contract or moving out. ask them directly what it includes or doesnt. because once your out here its very hard to change anything. my husband works for a uk company but it has an international status, meaning he gets tax free. im sure yours would be if your getting paid in the uae. if you getting paid into your uk account then your get taxed.

just be upfront and ask is this tax free.

good luck and welcome.. if your coming from the uk, be prapared for a challenge. things do not work the same as they do in the uk.. but its a good experience.
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