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Default Job Offer BGC Newbie Questions!

Hi, hello and whatever!

I registered here because I've gotten a job offer to come work in Manila/BGC and I have a couple of quick (or maybe not so quick) questions.

The job I've been offered is in Bonifacio Global City, and I quickly came to realize that it would pretty much require me to live there as well considering the trafficsituation in Manila.

My question is simply if it's possible to live a decent life there on the salary I'd get payed. The company has offered me a basic salary of 90k Php a month + some extra pay because I'd be working evening/nights. As far as I can understand this would propably be about 65k php after taxes (please correct me if I'm wrong). They also offer some benefits like medical insurance, and of course they arrange and pay for the AEP (I think it was called).

To give you some idea of what standard I'm used to and what I expect I'll give you some info.

Currently I live in Riga, Latvia where I make about 1000 euros after taxes. I live in a small studio of 28 sqm in a newly renovated apartment building in the centre of Town. I don't have a car. I like to drink beer and eat out. And I'm a huge Malmö FF fan (football team for all americans out there) and to be able to watch the games I spend about 50 euros a month on 100 mbit internet connection (which I realize I won't get in Manila) and a swedish sports streaming subscription.

When I break my expenses down they are really quite few and I hope to keep it that way if I go to Manila. What I would like to be able to afford is to live in a nice condo with a pool and preferably a gym in the building. A furnished studio or maybe a 1BR, of at least 30 sqm in BGC would be my minimum requirements. From what I can tell this should be doable for between 25-30k? Hopefully I would also be able to get a decent internet connection so I can stream my football games.

Other then living I don't really plan on spending lavishly. I'm single with no kids, I don't plan to get a car and I'm not any kind of fashionista that will be looking to get the newest in pirated high couture every month. What I'd like to spend money on would simply be, food and drinks both at home and out, travel the islands on my spare time and maybe also some travels to neigbouring countries. And I'd also like to pick up diving again after almost 10 years. So simply put, I'd just try to live a bachelor life in a country that's a little bit warmer than the one I'm currently residing in.

Sorry for the long essay, but to put the questions in fewer words: Is it possible to find a furnished studio or 1br in BGC for 25-30k? Will I be able to live a comfortable lifestyle in BGC for the remaining 35-40k of my monthly salary? Will I be able to watch Malmö FF crush their opposition on a Philippine internet connection? Should I go to Manila?

Thankful for any replies except the usual warnings about working in the country (the company I'd work for is one of the biggest in the world in their field so on that point I'm not too worried)
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