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Originally Posted by emaratiya View Post
hey ladies, I'm from Europe and been living in UAE for long time and planning to get married to my emarati boyfriend. I know much about the culture, locals etc but I really would like to hear the opinion of those who are already married to an emirati. Reaction & acceptance of the family, dealing with his family, "change" of the husband after marriage etc. Are you guys covered? do you work etc?
Hi emaratiya!
Which country are you from? I'm spanish married to an emarati. My experience has been positive. His family was a bit reluctant to the marriage when he first announced that he wanted to marry me, but it took them only a couple of months to chnage their mind and finally accepted the engagement. Eversince they have been always very nice and treated me like a daughter/sister. Some members of the extended family have been a bit more sceptical about the marriage because they are more close minded, but they are still respectfull. Has he introduced you to his family already?

I'm not covered except for certain occasions in which I may wear an abaya. Also, I continued working after marriage. However, this is my experience, and you need to keep in mind that each experience is different. I think it is very important to clear where each of you stand. After all, it's a different culture so you need to know exactly what to expect from each other. Also, in the marriage contact you may add clauses (it's a very common practice) such as you will keep your job or your husband won't interfiere in your professional life.

I hope this helped a bit. When are you getting married?
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