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Originally Posted by mistheuk View Post
Yes i know, but the UKBA has told me that the court sole custody documents must b sent in within 4 days--4 days has come and gone as I cannot afford 2000.00 for the lawyer and court fees. I put all I had into this application process. They have not sent my package back yet so I am waiting to see what they say in the letter. The documentation I provided for my daughter was birth cert showing only me as her mother, notarized letter from father, pics from our trip to England, pics of her single bedroom in England. I have been on this site reading and taking notes for about a year and had seen ppl use notarized letters but unfortunately for me, they said they are not using them as valid proof that the child can be removed from the country anymore.

Oh ok, so maybe yours has been approved, and maybe they had not made a decision yet concerning your daughter and that is why then they requested you to send in documents in 4 days so that they could make a decision based on that...but any how, let us know what their feedback is when you get the documents... But what if they have granted yours? Have you thought then what you will do?